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Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Accounting

cannabis accounting and 280e tax advisory

It’s no secret that cannabis & CBD/Hemp businesses face a set of unique accounting challenges that other businesses simply do not experience or understand. From the difficulty of finding an accounting professional with experience in the industry to day-to-day tracking of sales, navigating cannabis tax laws, and dealing with the higher potential of being audited, business owners in the cannabis industry need DOPE CFO Certified Advisor in their corner.

Here at DOPE CFO Certified Advisor, we understand the cannabis & CBD/Hemp industry and the associated obstacles that cannabis business owners must overcome to cultivate and grow a successful cannabis business. When you work with our DOPE CFO Certified Advisor you will soon see that we are not only qualified to manage accounting and bookkeeping needs in the industry, but we care about more than just the numbers. It is our goal to work hard for you to provide the accounting “must-haves” like important financial data; however, we also show you how to use the numbers to make smart business decisions that will nourish your business and help it bloom. Our certified advisors will make managing your day-to-day financial operations easier and reduce the stress associated with tax compliance for cannabis business owners.

Cannabis 280e Tax Accountant

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