DOPE CFO Certified Advisor Serve All 50 States

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose DOPE CFO Certified Advisor over another cannabis accounting provider?

DOPE CFO Certified Advisor is THE national thought leader and expert in cannabis accounting and tax for cannabis businesses. We have the ability to guide your company through the intricacies of how to reduce tax liabilities while staying on the right side of the law.

Are you starting a cannabis-related business for the first time?

Our DOPE CFO Certified Advisors are here to provide cannabis businesses with the support, objectivity, and experience required to enter this booming industry with a spectrum of services you just won’t find with an out-of-niche accountant.

What can DOPE CFO Certified Advisor deliver?

Everything from A to Z. We provide our cannabis businesses with accounting, bookkeeping, HR, payroll, tax planning & preparation, CFO services, startup support, exit and M&A support, audits and assurance, transaction advisory, and more!

How long has DOPE CFO Certified Advisor been working with businesses in the cannabis industry?

DOPE CFO Certified Advisor have been working in the industry for almost a decade and collectively have over 10,000 hours experience.

What is DOPE CFO Certified Advisors approach to 280E and how does that affect my cannabis business?

A Dope CFO Certified Advisor is trained and has the knowledge to maximize correctly IRC 471 which effectively lowers taxable income. We know the games many advisors “pitch” to beat 280e such as unprofitable non canna divisions, multi-entity structure and set ups that don’t work and other games. We know what the IRS is looking for and we know how to do 280e correctly!

What Cannabis-related businesses do DOPE CFO Certified Advisor work with?

All of them! We help CEOs and Investors in all verticals (cultivation/farming, processing facilities, product manufacturing (foods, beverages, tinctures, lotions, etc.), distributors, testing labs, dispensaries, and delivery companies as well as multi vertical and multi state operators.