DOPE CFO Certified Advisor Serve All 50 States

Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Clients We Serve

Our DOPE CFO Certified Advisor will provide your cannabis-related business with professional, quality accounting support. It is always our goal to see that our clients stay compliant with local, state, and federal regulations, so that they can focus on the bottom line: The vital day-to-day operations that generate revenue for your business.

DOPE CFO Certified Advisor invites you to reach out today to learn more about our services. You can schedule a free consultation through our website. Our DOPE CFO Certified Advisor offer accounting and bookkeeping, cfo services, tax planning, and proactive business solutions for the following cannabis & CBD/Hemp businesses:

Marijuana Growers, Cultivators, and Farmers

Our network of qualified certified advisors are dedicated to helping marijuana growers, cultivators, and farmers conquer the unique challenges associated with the cannabis industry. At DOPE CFO Certified Advisor we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services at competitive rates. We understand the complex government rules that regulate the industry and what it takes for cannabis growers to keep their books up to date and compliant.

Dispensaries and Retailers

As a medical marijuana dispensary, marijuana distributor, or cannabis retailer, it is vital that you have the proper insight into the most critical area of your business – your finances. At DOPE CFO Certified Advisor, we help you keep expenses in check, maximize profits, and reduce your tax burden. From sales tax to state tax to recreational use tax (where applicable), we’ve got you covered so that you can spend your time cultivating your customer base and generating revenue.

Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Product Manufacturers

Whether you run a business that processes hemp products, manufactures CBD goods, or you produce other cannabis-related items, it is crucial that your business finances are well-organized year round so that you can save money when tax time rolls around. From essential bookkeeping to controller/CFO services to tax preparation, our qualified netowrk of certified advisors are ready to assist your business so that the operations run smoothly and so that you realize maximum profits from your efforts.

Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Distributors

For cannabis distributors, it’s important that you keep a clean set of books. A qualified accountant with a solid understanding of concepts like 280e and effective cost accounting is a true asset in the cannabis industry today. We pride ourselves on offering accounting services exclusively for the cannabis industry. This allows us to guide you on vital business decisions and support you along the way as you grow your business. 

Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Testing Labs

As a cannabis industry testing lab, it is important that your business has the right tools, systems, and reporting measures in place. While these are important for any business, for “green” businesses, it is excruciatingly imperative. In particular, you need a certified advisor that understands the intricacies of the cannabis industry so that you can reduce your audit risk and be confident in your financials if you are audited.

Chemical Processors

The cannabis industry is booming and lucrative, but it’s no secret that accounting and bookkeeping for cannabis-based businesses can be complicated. That’s why DOPE CFO Certified Advisor is here, to provide reliable, sound accounting measures and advice that you can trust.

Delivery Companies

In the cannabis industry, even traditional banking is a challenge. Not to mention keeping up with daily business financials, payroll, expenses, taxes, and more. Professional assistance and advice on managing these, and other, aspects of running your cannabis delivery business is critical to business success.


If the mere thought of 280e and 471 regulations make your head spin, you’re not alone. The green wave of the cannabis industry is only growing stronger, and the regulations keep piling on! Don’t let the wave drag you down; ride it to financial success by bringing in trusted pros that will help you become and remain compliant so that you can grow your budding investments.