DOPE CFO Certified Advisor Serve All 50 States

Why Hire a Dope CFO?

Embarking on a business in the cannabis industry is exciting! This relatively new frontier is wide open and ripe with opportunity; however, you shouldn’t go it alone. With strict regulations at the state and federal levels, complex tax guidelines, and various restrictions, compliance must always be top of mind. That’s where DOPE CFO Certified Advisor comes into the picture!

Get in touch with us today to learn more and request a free consultation through our website. We offer smart, proactive bookkeeping and accounting services, proper tax planning support, and proactive business solutions for the common challenges faced by businesses in the cannabis industry. Here’s an example of what our DOPE CFO Certified Advisor offer our clients:

Rock Solid "Audit-Ready" Accounting

With our experience and precise approach to accounting, clients benefit from easier access to investor capital, a smoother path to secure and maintain lending, are able to better manage their business, and are able to survive any state or federal audit, all of which adds huge value at any exit or at a time of M&A.

World Class Reporting

Our DOPE CFO Certified Advisor make it easier for our clients to operate and grow their business; identify, manage, and mitigate risks; plan for the long term; pivot when challenges arise; and communicate with management, boards, investors, and lenders.

Improved Cash Flow

Every cannabis business owner desires more money to take home, an easier way to manage and grow their business, and long-term stability and sustainability. DOPE CFO Certified Advisor is the national leader in accounting and tax for cannabis businesses and offer it all in through our network of highly experienced DOPE CFO Certified Advisor.

Lower Taxes

Legally minimizing taxes owed and improving cash flow is important for any cannabis business for long-term growth and survival. Our DOPE CFO Certified Advisor help on both counts!

Peace of Mind

With DOPE CFO Certified Advisor as part of your business team, you can rest easy, focus on your brand, growth, products, and what you love that drew you to start your cannabis-based business to begin with. There’s no need to worry about accounting, taxes, HR, or compliance with our powerhouse of knowledge at your fingertips!

Build a Premier Company

DOPE CFO Certified Advisor understands that your work is your passion. It supports community, employees, and owners. Our DOPE CFO Certified Advisor can make sure you maximize your efforts so that you’re able to build something with lasting value for your children and heirs.